Panora Solid Cast Brass Accent Spot Light Natural Bronze

SKU: 1140-A

LED BULB OPTIONS: 4W- 2700K Soft Warm White
Sale price$58.49


Panora natural bronze spot light is a low voltage outdoor light that is affordable and easy to install. It is constructed of solid brass and has a clear and heat resistant convex glass. It an be easily positioned as an outdoor light in any direction you want to highlight or accent any area of your home or office.

Applications: Garden path, lawn, park, commercial and residential zones.

Our Panora cast brass spot light is constructed of high quality brass & built to last. It is made of brass material which does not rust or stain and provides durable performance in high corrosion environments.

Features energy efficient LED lighting technology which is 90% less power than incandescent lights.

Guaranteed not to chip, flake or peel. Lifetime warranty on brass material.

A low voltage transformer and direct burial cable wire is required for proper installation. SOLD SEPARATELY.


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