Mirabeau LED Solid Hardscape/Deck Light

SKU: 1410-4

Size/Watts: 4-inch 2 Watt
Sale price$39.49


Mirabeau hardscape light is wonderfully designed to brighten your surrounding walls. Made of brass material which does not rust or stain and provides durable performance in high corrosion environments.

Features energy efficient LED lighting technology which is 90% less power than incandescent lights.
Guaranteed not to chip, flake or peel.
Technical Description:

Housing: Solid Brass

Size & Lamp: 4 inch-2W, 7 inch-4W 

Color Temperature: Soft Warm White 2700K

Lens: Clear Lens

Wiring: 3'18/2, SPT-2W UL wire

Mounting:  Large Stainless Steel Bracket

Installation Style: Hardscape Light

Finish: Natural Bronze

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