Mirabeau 5", 9", 12" Aluminum Hardscape Light

SKU: 1411-5

Size/Watts: 5-inch 2 Watts
Sale price$38.49


Key Features & Benefits

Noir Mirabeau, our LED light bar is perfect for mounting under any surface or surface front such as stairs, bars, benches, cap stones, walls and more. It provides much more energy efficiency than any traditional lights and allows you to create a beautiful living lifestyle.

Easy to install and comes in three sizes: 5”, 9” and 12’’ 

Made of durable aluminum and stainless steel (SST)

Continuous lighting output based on COB technology 6’ lead of 18-gauge direct burial wire *5 years no-hassle warranty *LED lighting is also free of environmentally harmful mercury as well as halogen chemicals. Widely used in heavy traffic areas such as schools, hotels etc.

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