75W Low Voltage Transformer Stainless Steel, Multi-Tap With Timer & Photocell Build-In


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75W Professional, Low Voltage, Stainless Steel Transformer with Timer and Photocell Built In

Magnetic Outdoor Non-Dimmable MT
Stainless Steel Enclosure


-Non dimmable if using timer or/and photocell
-Temperature class B(130°C)
-Thermal manually reset secondary breaker 1200A
-Timer and photocell build in options


-The enclosure is stainless steel, NEMA 3R rated.
-Wiring compartment has 2 knockout sizes for 3/8-inch screw cable
-Enclosure Temperature does not exceed 65°C at 45°C ambient and fully loaded.
-Dimensions (inch): H = 8.5, W = 3.75, D = 4.4
-Weight (LBs): 0.5

Electrical Parameters

Input Voltage: 120V 60Hz
Max. input current: 75A at full load
Output voltage without load: 12/ 15VAC
Output voltage fully loaded: 11.5/ 14.5VAC
Max. Total Wattage: 75W
Max. Output Current: 6.2/ 5A
Efficiency: 90%


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